Hapi Fitness cannot take any responsibility for injury sustained during classes at the studio unless where injury has occurred through proven negligence. If you are injured, feel unwell or have a health condition please make your teacher aware. Please consult a qualified medical practitioner if it is a continued issue and only attend classes if you feel well enough.

We ask that all


including drop ins are booked before attending otherwise spaces cannot be guaranteed.

Block Bookings
Block bookings have 6 weeks to use the 6 classes, they can be used for any class on any day within that time. Parent & Child/Kids & Teens/ Autistic Friendly Classes/ Mobility and Relaxation classes all have 8 weeks to use the block of 6 classes, due to there only being 1 class per week for each of these classes.

Refund policy
There is a cooling off period of 10 days from the date of purchase in which you have the right to cancel any purchase and be fully refunded. You cannot receive a refund on any items used. You will not be refunded on early cancellations.

Cancellation Policy
If you cannot attend a class at the studio you must give at least 24 hours before the class starts or you will be charged. If you do not turn up to a class you will still be charged for the class you did not attend.